Green Renewable Fund: Supporting Businesses In Neath Port Talbot To Embrace Sustainability

May 2, 2024
Solar panels in field. Get business grant contributions towards solar panel installation for your Neath Port Talbot business.

Find the support your business in Neath Port Talbot needs to embrace sustainable business practices with the Green Renewable Fund.

The Green Renewable Fund supports Neath Port Talbot businesses with capital investment grants of up to 50% of eligible costs, or a maximum of £25,000 to invest in green technology.

The global climate crisis is at the forefront of many minds. The collaboration of positive change towards a more sustainable future is now a necessity. Many businesses are looking for ways to lower costs and implement sustainable practices. However, the execution costs are restricting many local businesses from adopting the positive development. 

In order to inspire businesses to prosper and thrive in Neath Port Talbot, the Green Renewable Fund has been introduced and is available for application now!

Heat pumps installed at business in Neath Port Talbot. Get business grant towards a heat pump for your business with the Green renewable fund.

Why is Sustainability Important for Local Businesses?

The importance of investing in green technologies to improve business sustainability credentials is now, more than ever, of paramount importance. Not only can businesses contribute to the global effort required to address the climate crisis, but they can benefit for themselves directly too. Green technology and sustainable practices are a driving force for business competitivity.

The benefits of introducing sustainable measures to businesses include:

  • Significant cost savings and energy independence.
  • Attracting the increasingly prevalent eco-conscious consumer
  • Developing a positive business reputation.

The fund aims to support Neath Port Talbot businesses to benefit from adopting sustainable technology, by helping to remove the burden of the initial costs.  

How Could This Grant Help My Neath Port Talbot Business?

The Green Renewable Fund supports businesses in Neath Port Talbot with grants of up to 50% of eligible costs, or a maximum of £25,000 to support capital investment. The fund is for business investment in either power systems or heating systems implementing green technology.

Specifically, this incudes:

  • Powers systems- including small scale wind turbines, solar photovoltaic panels, hydro-electric power and more.
  • Heating systems- including air source heating pumps, solar thermal panels, combined heat and power systems and more.

Find out more about what costs the grant supports here.

Solar panels being installed at business in Neath Port Talbot by solar panel installer. Get business grant towards a solar panel for your business with the Green renewable fund.

Who Is Eligible For This Business Grant?

The eligible sectors that can receive the Green Renewable Fund include manufacturing, engineering, construction, ICT and renewable energy sectors.

Within Neath Port Talbot’s Green Renewable Fund, a maximum of £25,000 or 50% of eligible costs are available to support capital investment in green business technologies. Applications are considered on an individual case-by-case basis.

A sustainable future for local businesses will enable a productive pursuit for financial goals whilst supporting a positive impact on carbon footprint and the environment.

Check your businesses eligibility for the funding here!

Learn more about the full range of support offered to businesses in Neath Port Talbot  here.

Apply for your Green Renewable Fund here.

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