Commercial Property Grant

The Commercial Property Grant (CPG) is available to owners of commercial premises that want to improve the appearance of their building. Applicants must be the freeholder of the property or a tenant with a lease that has an unexpired term of at least 5 years from the date that the grant is anticipated to be paid out on. 

The CPG is a discretionary grant that covers up to 50% of eligible costs. Eligible work includes that which directly contributes to improving the external appearance of the building as visible from the public realm. Typically, this includes work to the front of the building that faces the public highway, but may also apply to roofs, and to side and rear elevations of properties if they are visually prominent. 

The scheme prioritises applications that improve unsympathetic shopfronts in traditional high streets and other prominent buildings in key locations, as well as those that involve job creation, through business start-up or expansion. 

Eligible works include: 

  • Replacement shop frontages 
  • Replacement windows and doors 
  • New signage 
  • Rainwater goods 
  • Painting, rendering and attention to stone and brickwork 
  • The cost of scaffolding necessary to carry out eligible work is also considered an eligible cost, as are the fees incurred obtaining relevant statutory consents and the fees of any professionals directly involved in the eligible work, such as architects and project managers.

Ineligible works include: 

  • Routine repair and maintenance
  • Works relating to health and safety and statutory requirements 
  • Works that will not make a significant contribution to the general environmental enhancement of the area 
  • Legal costs incurred in relation to the CPG projects are considered ineligible.

For further information and grant guidelines, please contact Nicola Bulcraig on 01639 686683, or send an email below: